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I’m Back!

on August 11, 2014

I was a school librarian for 10 years (five in Southern California and five in Tucson, AZ) but have been out of it for four years staying home with my daughter.  But now I’m back!  Back in Southern California and back in a high school library.  I’ll be doing registration in a couple weeks and handing out textbooks, then a week of teacher meeting and then school starts on September 2nd.

When I was a teacher librarian in SoCal, I was new and learning.  I eased into it and it was a great experience.  I successfully relocated the entire library during renovations and back again.  I was really involved with CSLA.  I loved my job!  Then we moved.  I was sad to leave.  My colleagues were sad to see me go.  But I had a position in another school library where I had more clerical help, a bigger budget, in a smaller school with a similar population from whence I came.  It was a very different experience.  The library was not well used; collaboration was not happening.  So, my big job there was marketing the library and myself.  I feel like I turned things around while I was there.  Sadly, when I left, there were no more librarians in the district.

Then my journey as a mother began and I became a stay at home mom to my daughter Daphne.

Still a mom, but I’m getting back into a library too!

I’ll be back with the principal that I had 9 years ago on SoCal and I could not be happier.  I have lots of ideas and I’m worried about many things and that I what will be in this blog.  My triumphs and defeats.  My lesson ideas and collaborations.  Whatever has to do with the library.

So why is my blog called the loud librarian?  My darling daughter often tells me I’m too loud.  I tell her “that’s just the way I am.” This evening, she noted my loudness and I replied “people like a loud librarian.”  And So I felt inspired.  I am a loud librarian.  I am a modern librarian.  I don’t shush.  In having conversations with non-librarians about libraries and information literacy they often say “I wish you had been my librarian in school, maybe I would have used it.”  I am not that stereotype that they remember.  I’m glad I’m not.  But the stereotype gets perpetuated–I know some that fit the mold.  I happily break the mold.

I love this list of 10 things that teachers need to know about school librarians.  It sums it up very well.

See you in the stacks!
~The Loud Librarian


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